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Super Mario AWESOME!

Woke up today, eating my bowel of sugery toothache and almost spat it all out when I saw this video.  Two thumbs way up for these guys. ...

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Youtube Geekweek - Grigori Labs Picks

So I noticed YouTube is having a Geek Week.  I'm sure my invitation got lost in the mail cut me deep.  Well after surfing some of the finer parts of the keywords Geek Week, I found some of the better videos that ought to be featured for posterity's sake.  Hope you enjoy them as muc...

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LUO - Brick Breaker Game

LUO LUO is a brick breaker style game. It has different power ups that temporarily change gameplay. Current power ups include: Shield Ball- the ball goes through bricks without bounce and destroyes steel bricks in one shot Multi Ball - two additional red balls are spawned to help with your score...

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